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Assembly Instructions: Triple K #116 & #40 with Drop Belt

Triple K’s #40 Texan and #116 Laramie Holsters can be a bit tricky to put through the slot of a drop belt, so here are step-by-step instructions.

Step 1:
Holster and belt unassembled.

Step 2:
Un-tie the leg tie down…

Step 3:
…and unfold the holster.

Step 4:
Roll up the back of the holster into a “U” shape and slide it through the slot.

Step 5:
Push the leather retaining strap inward to get it through the slot.

Step 6:
Unroll the back of the holster…

Step 7:
… and slide the holster through the retaining strap.

Step 8:
Pull leg ties through holes and tie with a simple crossover knot.