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Does America’s Gun Store Offer Left Hand Holsters?

Short answer: Yes, basically every holster we offer can be ordered in left hand.

Slightly longer answer:

It can be very difficult to find holsters if you’re a left handed shooter. Many larger stores offer just a handful of their holsters in left hand.

Here at America’s Gun Store, we offer almost every holster in both right and left hand versions. And the only holsters we don’t offer in left hand is because they are not made in left hand by the manufacturer.

The only thing to remember is that, while we do try to keep many popular left hand holsters in stock, we might have to order your holster from our supplier, and the wait time could be a few months while they make the holster; but we’re confident that you’ll find the wait worth it once you receive your holster.

So look up your gun below, all you wonderful left-handers, because you deserve quality holsters, too.

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