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Triple K #736 – Cowboy Competition Shot Shell Belt Slide

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Holds 6 shotgun shells in groups of two. A popular accessory for quick reloads of double barrel or pump shotguns since two shells can be withdrawn in one motion. 12 gauge only. Fits all Triple K Straight cartridge belts up to 2 1/4" wide, including the #110 on the off hand side if you remove the buckle. Does not fit the Double Drop belts #111 or #050.

The loops on these slides are intentionally molded to be tight when new, so that when the leather goes through its natural expansion, the shells will not become loose. This means it may be difficult to get two shells in the loops the very first time. The best method is to bend the empty loops back and forth a couple of times to soften the leather. Then insert one shell completely. Start the nose of the second shell into the loop at a 45 degree angle, and then shove it in all of the way. Click here for a video (.avi type 5.3 MB). Leave the shells in the slide for a few days. When you remove the shells, the loops will retain this shape, and you are ready to compete.

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