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Triple K #100 – Leather Pistol Cartridge Belt

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Triple K's #100 Leather Pistol Cartridge Belt is a straight belt made from heavy saddle leather. This belt is an authentic design for those gunslingers who want to look period correct for the 1850s to 1890s. This is what the regular, cash-poor Cowboy would be wearing instead of a fancy drop belt.

The Leather Pistol Cartridge Belt is 2" wide tapered to 1.5" at the closing and features a Western-style buckle. It can be ordered with 25 cartridge loops in calibers ranging from .22 up to .45 Long Colt. It can also be ordered without loops for black powder shooters.

Belt Sizing

The measurements below are NOT waist sizes.

They are the measurements the belts actually buckle out to, measured from about the middle of the buckle's pin to the holes. Please measure on your body where you will be wearing the belt, that is, over top of a trouser belt, around the hips, etc., and use that measurement when ordering. Please do not order based on your waist size as it is very likely you will receive the wrong size belt.

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MSRP: $88.00

Price: $70.99

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