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Triple K #474 – Big Thunder Scoped Torso Rig

Triple K brings new innovation to the scoped holster market. Triple K’s Big Thunder is the first production holster to distribute the weight of large framed handguns evenly across both shoulders and your torso. The Big Thunder can be utilized for both scoped and un-scoped handguns and places your gun in the front ready position at all times. Perfect for horseback, ATV’s and hiking. The Big Thunder rig is ideal for both tree stand, or spot and stalk hunting.

There is up to 64" of circumference for chest, belly, or waist line with the hoizontal strap. There is a lot of versatility in this rig. You can carry the holster high on the chest, at the navel, or at the waistline. You can run the nylon web belt low through existing pant loops, or around your torso at the chest line. Both the leather chest harness and nylon strap, have more versatility than anything on the market. Options: Havana Brown; Plain finish

This leather holster is custom cut, sewn, and wet molded to fit specific gun models and barrel lengths. Sample pictures are representative of this holster; your's may vary.

Fits both scoped and un-scoped handguns!

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