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Be the first to find out about sales and new products. We only send 1-2 email per week, we'll never sell or give your email away to anyone, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

We are an internet/mail order business, and have limited personnel to answer the phone. In fact, we are currently a husband and wife business, and we are usually busy filling orders, answering emails, etc. Priority is given to internet orders and emails. Phone calls are the worst way to contact us, and we respond last to phone messages. The best thing to do is to email us any questions, and we can we respond to you with appropriate links, pictures, or other relevant information, which may be difficult to relay by phone.

If you absolutely must call us (again, email is the best and fastest way to get a response), the number is 740-425-3839.

You will almost always get the answering machine, so please leave a message instead of calling repeatedly. We promise to call you back after we have responded to all customer email inquiries first.