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Help and FAQ’s

How can I check my order status?

Check Your Order Status

How can I get in contact with you?

You can send us an email or find our phone number on our Contact Us page.

Who are you and where are you located?

We are a family owned and operated, federally licensed firearms dealer in Ohio. Opened in September of 2000, we strive to offer excellent customer service and quality unique products at low prices… Read More.

How should I measure for my cartridge belt?

Measuring for a cartridge belt an be tricky. Most importantly, don’t order based off of your waist / pants size, as you’ll likely end up with a belt that is too small. The process is different if you are ordering a drop belt or a straight belt, so we made a video for each to walk you through the process.

For Drop Belts:

For Straight Belts:

My belt is the wrong size. What do I do?

Instructions on what to do can be found here.

How do I return or exchange an item?

Information on returning or exchanging an item can be found on our returns page.

How do I measure the barrel length of my gun?

Please refer to this pictures for how to properly measure the barrel length of your pistol or revolver. Be sure to include compensators, threads, etc., in your measurement.

Does holster X cover the trigger guard for my revolver?

Many holsters offered for revolvers do NOT cover the trigger guard. The reason for this is that, in many cases, it simply isn’t needed.

Sound like a tough sell? Let’s us explain by looking at the two types of revolvers: single and double action.

Single Action Revolvers

In the case of a single action revolver, pulling the trigger or having it accidentally snag on something when the hammer isn’t cocked will do absolutely nothing, so there is no worries about an accidental discharge due to the trigger guard not being covered.

Double Action Revolvers

Double action revolvers are a slightly different story, as pulling the trigger will cause the hammer to cock and the gun to fire. For this reason, many revolver holsters will come with a hammer retention strap that goes behind the gun’s hammer while it’s holstered. This will prevent the hammer from being cocked by pulling the trigger, and also preventing the revolver from firing. So, if the holster has a retention strap, a cover for the trigger guard isn’t needed.

Now, there are a few holsters where the trigger guard is exposed, and there is no retention strap to prevent the hammer from being cocked. It would be TECHNICALLY possible for a branch to catch on the trigger if you are crawling through brush, or a coat strap to catch on the trigger when it’s being holstered, but these situations are not only unlikely, but easily avoidable. It takes a good deal of force to pull the trigger on a double action revolver, but to be extra cautious… If you are crawling through brush, unload your gun. If your coat has pull strings that could catch on a trigger, either cut them off, or find yourself another coat. As a responsible gun owner, you should always be conscious of what you are doing when you are carrying a gun.

So does holster X cover the trigger guard for my revolver? Bottom line is, for single action, the holster covering the trigger guard isn’t needed to keep your gun from discharging accidentally. The same goes for double action, provided that the holster has a retention strap. And if the holster doesn’t have a retention strap, some very reasonable measures will keep you safe.

Why does my leather holster fit so tight? / How do I break in my new holster?

Learn how to break in a new leather holster.

Do you offer left handed holsters?

Yes. Basically every holster we offer, we offer in both right and left hand.

Should I get a lined or an unlined leather holster?

Unlined holsters are practical for most uses, and budgets. Suede lined holsters offer a softer interior to help protect your gun’s finish, which is especially useful for expensive handguns and collector’s pieces, but they don’t hold up as well as the smooth leather lined styles and they can be compromised by extended use and moisture. Smooth, leather lined holsters (like the #040) reduce friction and allow for a faster draw. Some of the leather lined holsters also offer the added benefit of a built-in insert to adjust the holster’s fit. All lined holsters maintain their shape better over the years. Because lined holsters take twice the materials and a lot more labor, they do cost considerably more than their unlined counterparts.

Here are pictures to help you see the difference between lined and unlined holsters.

Notice stitching around the mouth of the Lined holster on the left.

Inside of the Un-Lined holster

Inside of the SUEDE Lined holster
Note: Suede may vary in color (e.g. grey, light brown, dark brown, etc.)
Note 2: Notice stitching on inside of mouth of the holster, not seen in Un-lined holster above.

Smooth Leather Lined
Notice the inside of the holster is the same texture as the outside of the holster. This is achieved by gluing two “full thickness” pieces of leather back to back. These holsters are much heavier than Un-lined or Suede Lined holsters, and is usually only found in very expensive holsters that will see daily use, such as for law enforcement.

I have questions on your selling locations, payment methods, legal requirements, or privacy policy.

All of this information can be found on our Terms and Conditions page.

Can I ship to an address that is different from by credit card’s billing address?

Per our Merchant Agreement with VISA, MCARD, DISC, AMEX, we are required to only ship to a card’s verified address. More information regarding shipping to an alternate address can be found here.

Can I get a cartridge belt larger than Extra Large or a Trouser Belt larger than 52″?

Maybe. The manufacturer does offer some belts in custom sizes, larger than standard. However, you will need to order directly from Triple K Manufacturing, as we do not sell them.

Why should I try a variety of ammunition in my gun?
Ever wonder why gun test reviewers always use a variety of cartridges for accuracy testing?

When it comes to ammunition, different cartridges can perform very differently in any given gun. Differences in a gun’s barrel length, depth of rifling, rate of twist, etc., combined with differences in a cartridge’s powder burn rate and pressure, bullet weight, bullet shape, bullet hardness, etc., can have a dramatic effect on a gun’s accuracy. A change in one or more of these variables, can make one particular cartridge perform outstanding in one firearm, but perform poorly in another firearm. That doesn’t make either the firearm or the cartridge ‘bad.’ It’s just that the firearm and the cartridge are not the best fit for one another. Trying out a variety of different ammunition will help you learn what performs best in your gun, and then you can stock up on that ammo for that gun and always get the best accuracy possible.

Can you ship ammunition to me?
What documents do I need to have ammunition shipped to me?

The most up-to-date list of restrictions and requirements can be found in our blog post, ‘Can You Ship Ammunition to Me?‘. As restrictions change, we will update that post.

I have a question that wasn’t answered here.

Feel free to drop us an email.