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Shipping to Alternate Address

Why do you only ship online orders to my Billing address?

Per our Merchant Agreement with VISA, MCARD, DISC, AMEX, we are required to only ship to a card’s verified address. This is to prevent fraud. The Verified address is typically called your Billing address. When you enter your address in our shopping cart and submit your order, that address gets sent through the Address Verification System (AVS). The AVS forwards your address to your bank and your bank returns an answer as to whether or not the address provided, matches what they have on file for your account. This is all done securely and instantaneously.

How does this prevent fraud?

Let’s say somebody stole your charge card information. This prevents them from ordering using your correct Billing address, and then entering a different Shipping address. It is nearly impossible to prosecute these small time thieves. The only way I can prevent this from happening is by shipping to the verified address of your card. Then, even if your card information had been stolen, you would still get the merchandise, not the thief. So the thief won’t even bother placing the order.

What if I need to ship to a different address than my Billing?

We understand there are legitimate reasons to ship to a different address, such as, not being home to sign, ordering a gift, etc. For those instances we can suggest two options:

  • Some banks will let you put a second verified address on your account. That second address will pass the automated Address Verification System. We have had other customers do this. Also note, that if you do this, your bank may say it takes immediate effect, but it always seems to take 2 or 3 days before it actually works right.
  • Alternatively, after selecting your shipping method, you can choose “Prefer to pay by check or money order?” in the “Your billing/contact details” section of the shopping cart. Print the order form, and provide whatever address you want, then mail us the printable order form along with a Cashier’s Check or Money Order. (Personal Checks are not accepted.)